Kanso Living is Your Path to Balance

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Find Balance and Harmony Within

Who wouldn't desire the comfort of healthy skin? Skin that truly lets us be, effortlessly performing its natural function and making us feel at ease in our own body. Our skin isn't just something separate; it’s deeply connected to our body and soul. Beyond skincare, it’s all about finding balance and harmony within. Embrace mindful simplicity, and watch as your skin – and your whole self – thrive.

Keep it Simple

In today’s fast-paced beauty world, it's easy to get caught up in complex routines promising 'perfection.' But in the midst of all the chaos, simple and effective skincare shines through.

That's why we've created Simply Better Barrier™ – a gentle, lightweight formula that your skin will love. Like a comforting hug, it gives you stability, relief and a chance to bounce back.

And the best part? It never feels sticky or causes breakouts. Say hello to calm, comfy skin with SBB™ – your skin's trusted companion.

Simply Better Barrier Tube on Hand

Strip Away Non-Essentials

We've combined timeless Asian wisdom with modern science, prioritising core essentials with no fluff or fillers. We respect your skin’s remarkable abilities to heal and sustain itself, supporting its needs to thrive. Our aim is to design "skintuitive" formulations that make sense – offering a kinder, gentler way to view yourself and your skin.

As you start your skincare journey with this strong foundation, it opens a new chapter of calm. Now that you've focused on taking care of yourself, what's next for you to enjoy more of life's joys?

Prioritise Skin Health

Skin health is timeless, not a trend. We consciously avoid common irritants and allergens like dye, fragrance and essential oils, ensuring that SBB™ is gentle enough for all, including babies and expecting or nursing mothers.

Our skin is like a home, and its barrier is the sturdy wall protecting it. A healthy barrier means soft, smooth and supple skin. But when it’s compromised, things can get rough. No matter your skin sensitivity, we've got you covered.

Experience the soothing relief for yourself – your skin will thank you.


"While most only focus on skin health in the physical sense, we know it runs deeper, intertwining with our mental and emotional wellbeing."

– Joanne & Deena


Embracing Lifestyle and Community

Discover the beauty of simplicity with us as we journey towards healthy skin and overall wellbeing. Inspired by Japanese Zen philosophy, we embrace mindful living and celebrate the interconnectedness of skincare, movement, food, art and design. Join our kanso community where we prioritise self-discovery and seek balance in all aspects of life without strict rules or perfectionism. Stay tuned for our upcoming events in 2024, where we'll explore the fusion of beauty, creativity and wellbeing.

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