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Your Journey to Healthy Skin Begins Here

Our skin is the bridge where our inside meets the outside, a powerful shield against the elements – the body’s largest organ and our home. Honouring your barrier is like giving it the high-five it truly deserves.


Better is Better

We have so many choices for our skin, but oftentimes, less is truly more. Overdoing skincare can leave us feeling irritated and out of balance.

Designed for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, our multifunctional formula gently restores your skin’s natural barrier without disrupting its delicate balance.

Goodbye sensitivity, hello calm skin. 

Consistency is Key

Your skin’s progress depends on your daily routine.

Our formulation is meticulously crafted to offer comfort for daily use. It’s about making strides in the right direction, so your sensitive skin feels calm and content.

Experience the consistency of plump, supple skin that safeguards you day after day.

Embrace the Journey

Skin health is about finding balance, embracing what is while striving for what can be.

We focus on nurturing your skin’s natural function to help it thrive, so you can confidently focus on your day without skin concerns taking centre-stage.

Trust the process and celebrate your wins, no matter how small.

Mindfully Crafted For All Sensitive Skin, Here To Combat Life’s Daily Stressors With You

Sensitive By Nature

Naturally sensitive skin reacts easily to new products or routines, causing itching and discomfort. Ageing weakens the skin barrier, worsening irritation, while conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea add further complications.

Environmental Sensitivity

Pollution, dust, and temperature changes are common triggers and hard to avoid. Air-conditioning dries out the skin, and household cleaners, hard water, and chlorine can irritate most skin types.

Lifestyle Sensitivity

Over-washing, topical retinoids, harsh skincare actives, and hot showers can all disrupt the skin’s balance. Post-skin treatments like micro-needling, chemical peels, laser, and tattooing can also cause dryness and sensitivity.

Internal Sensitivity

Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause, stress, diet, and certain medications like isotretinoin can affect the skin, causing dryness or sensitivity. Imbalances in our body's rhythm are often reflected in our skin.

Our Kanso Approach

Kanso is a Japanese Zen principle meaning mindful simplicity or focusing on the essentials.


"I have a bad case of dry skin, no matter the weather. Simply Better Barrier™ hydrating relief cream has always come to my rescue."

Jianne Soriano, Tatler Hong Kong

Skin Health Goes Beyond Skin Deep

Your skin is more than just a surface – it's a reflection of what's within. True self-care means aligning your skin, body and soul in harmony.

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