Our First #Skinclusivity Campaign!

Our First #Skinclusivity Campaign!

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We just launched our #skinclusivity initiative on @kansoskin and this is what goes on behind the scenes!

What is Skinclusivity?
Skinclusivity (‘Skin’ and ‘Inclusivity’) is about inspiring self-love and self-acceptance. We are here to normalise and create awareness on the different skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, topical steroid withdrawal, etc.

It’s natural for people to fear what they don’t understand, and we hope with this campaign, we can reduce the social stigma surrounding the various skin conditions.

This campaign is a collaboration with The Body Within to show real, raw images of women in their best self and being comfortable with who they are, regardless of the appearance of their skin.

Meet the Amazing Ladies!
We scoured high and low for inspirational women in Singapore who are comfortable in showcasing their real skin, with no make-up on and no photo editing. 

Joining us in this important campaign, we have Joelle Cecilia as our photographer and Janice from Mind The Label as our wardrobe sponsor.

Now let’s get to know all of the amazing models who are a part of the #skinclusivity photoshoot!

Joanne (Co-founder, Kansoskin + creator of skinclusivity)
“Regardless of textures, colours and conditions, we are here to show that all skin is good skin. The idea of skinclusivity is to normalise skin conditions and inspire self-love and self-acceptance. It’s a journey where we are in it together.”

For full story, click here

Mary (Celebrity make-up artist + founder of The Body Within)
“I started a movement called #thebodywithin for women to share their journey towards body neutrality and to make women understand that they aren’t alone in this journey. Acceptance doesn’t come with a journey you go on alone. But a journey you go with many others. No matter what, you are never alone in this. There are women out there who want to listen to your story. So never be afraid to voice out. You are going to be an inspiration to someone out there!

Working with @kansoskin on #skinclusivity is such a crucial step to spread awareness on a variety of skin conditions. It’s about time more women get seen and heard.”

For full story, click here

Jing Rui (TSW advocate)
“To overcome the fear and the poor esteem, I constantly remind myself that this is not something I chose or could control, not my fault and that I am lovable despite how I look. I began to let go of any expectations of myself with regards to my outer appearance. That helped me greatly in focusing on my positive and attractive inner qualities.

My advice is to be your own cheerleader. Give yourself the affirmation you need instead of seeking it from others. When you hold your head high with no shame, you emanate that aura that you are not bothered by your appearance, and you will be less likely to attract unsolicited comments on your skin condition! And as always, love and put yourself first!”

For full story, click here

Isabelle (Model)
“I begin to embrace and accept myself when I started to do modelling shoots for local photographers and clothing brands. I was also doing more nude and boudoir shoots which helped me come to terms with what can be considered beautiful.

Seeing myself in a different light helped me to come to terms with my stretch marks.

It’s a normal thing that happens to a lot of us. Just remember, it should not define you. Beauty comes from the inside too not just the outside appearance.”

For full story, click here

Mus (Modest fashion)
“I feel when one truly embraces every aspect of oneself, they become powerful beyond measure.

I want to let you know your dark eye circles or hyperpigmentation doesn't mean you are any less beautiful. As South Asian women, it’s something we have in common but it’s completely normal. It’s about time we own them like how we own our whole identity.”

For full story, click here

Yvonne (Psoriasis advocate)
“After going through numerous cycles, I can’t guarantee that I won’t be affected emotionally but I know that I’ll always work around it and never give up hope.

I wouldn’t say I’ve any advice but I’m able to share some thoughts based on what I went through:

1. Make yourself feel comfortable. Whether it's skincare, dietary, type of clothing, etc, there are things that may make one feel better but may not work for others. It’s important to pick out what you feel is best for yourself.

2. Do not let psoriasis define/limit us. It’s not decided by us to have psoriasis, but we can decide who we want to be.”

For full story, click here

We are so grateful to Serene and her team from Singapore Kindness Movement for coming down to do a video story on this campaign and interviewing some of the models. To watch the full video, click here

Also, a huge thank you to ZULA for helping to spread this important message of skinclusivity. Read more here

Remember, skin comes in all textures, colours, and conditions. All skin is good skin and all bodies are good bodies, no matter how it looks like.  

Aspire to inspire #withkansoskin. Share your story, make a change! This is #skinclusivity and we’d love for you to join us.

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