Our Story

“All skin is good skin #withkansoskin.”

Hi, beautiful souls!

We are a sibling team driven to build a socially conscious skincare brand.

Abel personally suffers from chronic eczema and topical steroid withdrawal. He understands first-hand the anxiety, stress and frustration that comes with having compromised skin.

Joanne dedicated herself to learning all about the science behind skincare after overcoming acne. She is a certified skincare formulator from an accredited cosmetic science school in the UK.

Having tried countless products in the market, we were always frustrated to find irritating and sensitising ingredients that can cause chronic inflammation and reactive skin. This led us to question, if our skin plays such an important role as our protective barrier, why are we using products that disrupt it instead of supporting its natural functions?

We founded Kansoskin based on the belief that everyone deserves healthy skin, even without a chemistry background. Chemistry is hard, but skincare does not have to be. When we feed our skin with products that respect our skin’s health and are pleasant to use, skincare should be a rewarding experience. 

We hope to inspire you to feel good and be comfortable in your own skin. Let us create a world where everyone is treated equally, regardless of the state and appearance of our skin.

All skin is good skin. No matter what skin you are in, you deserve to feel confident and we have your back every step of the way.

The future is calm #withkansoskin and we would love for you to join us.
Joanne & Abel

Inspired by the Japanese Zen philosophy, kanso means “simplicity”. We believe clarity and honesty comes from being simple. We strip away all the non-essentials, leaving only what truly matters.
The delta symbol represents change. We believe the simplest skincare routine can lead to positive skin changes and we hope to inspire self-love and acceptance in the process.
In essence, Kansoskin represents “Changes that simply matter”.

We believe ‘less is more’ in skincare. The more products we slap on our skin, the less it is able to perform its natural functions effectively. This is especially true for those with compromised skin. Skincare is changing. More people are now asking for simple but effective skincare routine. We are strong believers of using fewer but harder-working products that support and respect your skin’s health.

We design feel-good skincare for compromised skin. Whether you have normal, dry, eczema or sensitive skin, we can help you find relief and give you that extra boost of confidence to conquer the day.
You may be here looking for a relief, or some answers. For some of you, that means finding skincare solutions that simply work. At Kansoskin, you can expect to see products you would be proud to share with the world.

We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you – like a good friend you can count on, and this begins with our honest approach in meeting your skincare needs.

Join us now. You can do it later, but why wait for change?