Abel’s Personal Log [Feb 2021]

Abel’s Personal Log [Feb 2021]

Abel’s Personal Log [Feb 2021] feature image

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January has been a depressing month. I just had a recent minor flare-up, perhaps due to the unhealthy junk food I ate during the Christmas and New Year holidays. I am still not able to fully recover, and it does make me feel depressed. I felt that I’ve been stuck in a quagmire with no hope of getting out. But reflecting on my last flare-up, I am grateful it is getting more bearable as time goes by. And with my family & friends' support, I soldier on.

My sister once told me that sometimes things happened for a reason, which I agree with. Perhaps if I don’t have TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal), I would continue my unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food, which could probably lead to worse health issues. TSW has shaped my perspective of happiness and what truly matters in life.

I have learned to appreciate things more, such as being able to turn my neck freely and being able to tolerate the cold better. I started to open my eyes, and when I see my family's happiness - when they are well and happy - I am happy too. I am an observer of life; I enjoy seeing birds chirping in the trees and the hustling of people going about their daily lives.

As you can see from the picture, a small patch of white hope has recently been formed from my hand. This area has been really stubborn.

I have to constantly remind myself to be grateful and appreciative of all the little things. All skin is good skin, and we need to be more embracing of ourselves even if we are not perfect, and trust that the best is yet to come.

If you are an eczema/TSW warrior like me, we would love to hear your stories too. Email us at hello@kansoskin.com.
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