Abel’s Personal Log [Dec 2020]

Abel’s Personal Log [Dec 2020]

Abel’s Personal Log [Dec 2020] feature image

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Today is 3rd of December, 2020, it has been about 9 years since I started going through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW).

Here I am, sitting on my desk with a cup of coffee while applying Simply Better Barrier™ and contemplating on my journey to recovery, and how far I have come.

I had a flashback, and my mind went back to those days 9 years ago when my parents were desperate to find a solution for my eczema condition. On a trip to Japan, they chanced upon an OTC cream that worked well on my skin. So when heard of some friends who were going to Japan, they asked them to buy a huge box of those creams for me.

I didn’t know those creams were high-potency topical steroids back then. None of us did. To us, it was simply a “magical cream”. My skin would miraculously “heal” the next day, and my eczema would go away.

Iit was like a drug; I couldn’t live without it. Once I stopped using the cream, my eczema would come back, fiery red and with a vengeance.

So I kept on applying and reapplying. It became an endless loop. Little did I know that I would pay a high price later on.

One day, Joanne (my sister) asked me whether it could be the topical steroids that are making my condition worse. I did some research on Google and boy, it gave me the dreaded feeling of impending doom. Looking at the list of symptoms of topical steroid addiction, I was sure that I had all of them. Weeping skin, zingers (nerve pain), inflamed and red skin, you name it, I had it.

And the research shows that it’s going to get a whole lot worst before I can eventually recover, depending on the usage and potency of steroids used.

Back to the present and to cut a long story short, it’s been ages since I last felt this comfortable, with the exception for some dry patches here and there. I always complained to Joanne that most of the moisturisers out there are really lousy and I don’t enjoy applying them. Whenever I used those moisturisers, they would dry out very quickly and doesn’t have the consistency I want. On the other hand, the good ones are way too expensive for me.

Thankfully, my sister has always been interested in skincare. Because of me, she underwent further studies in skincare formulation and cosmetic science. Because of me, she formulated a suitable moisturiser that really helps me and feels comfortable on my skin. I am so grateful that she has created this product for me, and many others like me.

Fighting on,
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