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Choosing A Moisturiser: Lotion vs Cream For Dry Skin

Dry and cracked skin can cause huge discomfort such as soreness, tightness, roughness and even itchiness sometimes. All we want is healthy, supple and well-hydrated skin. But when we are overwhelmed with so many...
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Hands Dry From Handwashing And Sanitising? Here Is What You Can Do.

In times like these, upping our handwashing and sanitising game is absolutely essential for the wellbeing of ourselves, and the people around us. So, what can we do when our skin becomes dry and irritated?
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Compromised Skin Barrier – What Is It? Find Out If You Have It.

Let’s get this straight - your skin is way smarter than you think! The skin is roughly divided into 3 main layers: The outer layer (epidermis), deeper layer (dermis) and the deepest subcutaneous layer (hypodermis)....
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Leaving A Stable Career To Join The Cluttered Skincare Industry. Am I Crazy?

Find out all about how Kansoskin was born and our vision of creating a skincare brand specially designed for people with compromised skin to help make their lives better.
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