Behind The Scenes: What Really Goes Behind Creating a New Skincare Product?


As many of you may know, here at Kansoskin, we are focused on creating skincare specially for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. 


For our first skincare product, we decided to launch a moisturiser because we wanted to create something more than just a basic moisturiser. Simply Better Barrier™, our hydrating relief cream moisturiser, took us a year to formulate (we’re secretly planning on the next one). 


Most of the moisturisers that are designed for sensitive skin do a great job of basic protecting and moisturising the skin. But we’ve gone a step further by creating a hardworking multi-tasker that helps to fortify the skin barrier and support its natural functions.


When formulating Simply Better Barrier™, besides the regular hydrating and moisturising properties, we utilise time-tested botanical extracts from the Asian region. These plant-derived ingredients are loved by many and still widely used today because of their rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. We also added pre-and probiotic complex to balance the ecosystem of bacteria that lives on the skin’s microbiome. More importantly, we included skin-identical ingredients in optimal ratios to replenish those found in the skin – squalane, cholesterol, phytosphingosine, and ceramides. 


Ever wondered what goes behind the creation of a new skincare product? Well, let us take you on a little ride of our humble journey!


Right from the start, we wanted Kansoskin to be a community-led brand. So, we gave out surveys to numerous friends and families to get their feedback on their likes and dislikes in a moisturiser. This includes packaging utility, the texture of the cream, and its convenience factor.


After endless nights of extensive research, conceptualisation, and coming up with the formulation recipe, we needed to find a reliable manufacturer to bring them to life! 


Initially, we considered a few countries within Asia to manufacture our product. This includes Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. For each country, we connected with about 2 to 3 different manufacturers and considered the respective pros and cons of each manufacturer.


For us, the biggest deal-breaker is the limitation in raw materials of our choice. Since we focus heavily on the use of time-tested botanicals from Asia, we had limited options as these ingredients are not widely available with the majority of manufacturers that we were in touch with.


Thankfully, after a long and arduous search, going through many unsuitable manufacturers, and nearly getting conned by one particular unethical manufacturing firm, we are extremely grateful to eventually found our existing manufacturer – it’s truly been a God-sent! 


We are currently working with a Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified manufacturer based in South Korea.


Communication with the entire team has been very smooth sailing and hassle-free. They have been very helpful and supportive in keeping up with our stringent demands, redoing the samples numerous times upon our request to make sure we are fully satisfied with the final formulation and the sensorial experience.

They listened attentively to our expectations and managed to nail the brief right from the start. We were extremely pleased that they managed to do a great job with version 1 and the rest of the versions just required minor adjustments to the formulation.

Going through dozens of samples fresh from the lab

When it came to version 6, everything was perfect, except for the pH, which was slightly on the higher side. They made adjustments and viola, we have ourselves the final product!

Comparing textures

In total, we had gone through 6 versions before finally settling on version 7! 

The final sample that came out perfect

When it came to the design of Simply Better Barrier's packaging, we are so lucky to know an artistic friend in Singapore who managed to design it so beautifully! We did minor refinements and the final draft was sent to our manufacturer for print!

Finalising packaging details

Comparing pantones for tubes

Printing of paper boxes using FSC-certified paper (non-laminated)

Our final packaging design in real life!

Something's brewing!

Our giant broth filled with skin-respecting goodness!

Throughout this journey of creating our first baby, we had a very steep learning curve, plenty of self-doubt and anxiety. We are so thankful for having a strong support system of family and friends who reassured us when we were not sure of ourselves and the creation of this product.

Filling in progress

Holding our firstborn in its fully glory! 

There were even times when we thought of giving up but the idea of potentially helping so many people with compromised skin conditions feel better and be more comfortable in their own skin made us persevere and push on.

Packing our babies in their homes

Simply Better Barrier™ ready for shipment

We are so happy to hear from so many of you who have tried Simply Better Barrier™ moisturiser love it and shared great reviews with us. Many of you are even returning customers, which is a great testament to the efficacy and quality of our product – this truly makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile!

Simply Better Barrier™ The Ultimate Hydrating Relief Cream

We hope you enjoyed the story on our journey so far and thank you so much for your support, we truly cannot have done this without all of you!  

We are looking forward to sharing with you our journey on our upcoming product. Please feel free to write to us about what you would like to see from us, we'll be taking notes!

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